Payvand, a Persian word meaning solidarity, union and attachment, is the name of the Society Persian Speaking People of the World. The society was inaugurated in 1991. Its predecessor, The Society of Tajik Compatriots Abroad, also known as Payvand, was already in existence when Tajikistan gained its independence on September 9th of the same year. The first international gathering of the Payvand was held in September 1991 and the second gathering took place in 1994 in the capital city of the republic of Tajikistan and consequently, the president of the republic of Tajikistan His Excellency Emomali Sharifovtich Rahmon was elected as its Chair.

The first executive committee, nominated from among the executive board were Prof. Asimov (Tajikistan), Dr Jalal Badakhchani (United Kingdom), and Dr. Masood Mirshahi (France).  The honorary members of the board consist of 22 outstanding personalities from among various districts of Tajikistan and neighbouring countries with a substantial number of Persian speaking populations.

After the tragic death of Prof. Asimov in 1997, Prof. Kamal ‘Ayni was elected as the chief executive officer of the Society and in the year 2000 Prof. Manyazov was appointed as the chief executive officer of the society to assist President Rahmonov in the overall running of the Society. Prof. Manyazov died on 3rd May 2008 and on 18th July of the same year Prof. Isomiddin Salohiddinov was appointed as the chief executive officer of the Sciety. President Rahmon’s keen interest, the helping hand from various statutory and non-statutory organisations within Tajikistan, the Tajikistan Charitable Trust of United Kingdom and the Rudaki Society of France, helped the society to flourish from different perspectives.

In 2001, the Tajik Compatriot Society and the Society of Persian Speaking People of the world were amalgamated giving birth to what is known today as the International Forum of Persian Speaking People (Payvand). In 2002, Mr Sherdoost, member of the Iranian Parliament joined the Executive Committee Mr Sherdoost enabled the society to publish its first journal namely “The Payvand” which is printed in Iran and constitutes four issues per year. In 2004 Payvand decided to publish the journal locally.

Through its membership and ties with other NGO’s, governments and corporations, Payvand, has contributed to and participated in a number of international events which, over the past decade, has lead to a better understanding of Tajik-Persian culture and its unique and pivotal contribution to human civilization.

The constitution of Payvand details the objectives of Payvand and all of its branches as well as Payvand’s legal responsibilities and organisational procedures.

Payvand has established its offices in Dushanbe, London, Madrid, Paris and Tehran with new offices emerging globally.  It has a growing and diverse membership which is comprised of people from all walks of life, all of whom are committed to the terms of our constitution.